Weather is Pretty Nice for Canada

I am pretty surprised at how nice it has been here. I had a big heavy coat on when I got to the Toronto airport car rental and I had to take it off while I was out there. It was not exactly Summer time heat, but it was like a Spring morning up here. Of course that did not last. Once it got dark last night the temperature dropped quite rapidly, especially when I was down by the shore of Lake Ontario. There was a real stiff wind blowing in off the lake and I think I saw a couple of flakes of snow. Of course this is North of Buffalo and they had about six feet of snow in Western New York not that long ago. It snowed up here too apparently and then they had flooding in parts of the area after it warmed up a bit later. Six feet of snow starts melting and it can make a mess obviously.

At any rate the business meetings have gone okay so far. There was a big mix up at first, but the guy apolegized profusely and he might give us the contract from the looks of it. Of course he does not really have to apologize when we are the ones who are looking to get his business. If something happens and he can make it to the meeting that is a lot more my problem than it is his problem. Obviously I still want the work and the money for the contract no matter how much of a hassle it is to get it. There is not any value to me in getting upset over the sorts of things that disrupt your schedule. It is just a little thing that you deal with and move on from.

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