We Used the Bus to Visit Each Other

When my boyfriend moved 200 miles away, I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to survive a long distance relationship. We decided to just end things, but we both realized that we missed each other too much. Neither of us has a dependable enough car to travel back and forth, but that did not keep us from visiting one another as often as possible. We looked at all of our options, and it was easy enough to figure out that taking a bus to visit was the best way, especially since we found Greyhound promo codes that made the trip even cheaper for us.

We were able to find them on a site that lists different codes that are available for Greyhound buses. Some of them are for 10 percent, but others are valid for up to 40 percent off the regular fare. There is no telling what kind of discount will be given at any given time, so we both got in the habit of just checking this site on a daily basis. That way, when one of the better deals for a discount came up, we were able to snag it right away.

Since the codes can be valid for just hours or days, it was important for us to do this. The more we were able to save on our tickets, the more often we were able to use the bus to visit one another. Thankfully, we only had to do this for a year. He proposed to me a few months ago, and we got married last month. We did not want a long engagement, so we just married at the courthouse. Since I am now living with him, we don’t have to use the bus anymore. I am so grateful for those codes though, because they saved us a lot of money!

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