We Love Satellite Service in Our New Country Living Lifestyle

When I moved out to the country, I did so because I wanted to live a life that is a less slower and peaceful. I have lived in a fast-paced, big city for most of my life. I wanted beautiful scenery, wildlife and friendly people. But I did not realize that many cable companies don’t offer service to rural areas. So, when I found www.directstartv.org/ and learned that I may be able to get service, I called immediately to find out more.

Satellite TV is when a company sets your home up to receive TV signals from a satellite. It beams right into the wireless router that they set you up with at no extra cost. And that same router also works as a recording device so that you can save/record your shows to watch at a later time, as many times as you want. You are given a certain amount of recording space to fill up and use as your please, just as you do with your own files on your own computer. You can access your TV shows 25 hours a day and seven days per week.

Loving the fact that this type of service would be just as good or even better than the cable I was used to for so many years in the big city, I signed up. My wife loves the new channels we get because we get even more than we had for many years with our old company. She loves to watch craft shows and decorating shows. I love to watch sports shows, and love that our new service even comes with a sports package for fanatics like me.

I don’t miss the over-busy city life anymore. We are happy out here in the mountains. And the only thing that was missing was great TV, but now we have it and are even more content.

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