We Just Got to Japan

We have been in Japan for a couple of days now. Jane came here on a business trip and I followed her a couple of days later. We figure that we may as well have a vacation while we had the chance to do it. I was already in Seattle WA on business, so it was a shorter trip than it usually would have have. Today we are going to get Propeak ski lessons in Niseko, which is a ski resort in the central part of the largest island in Japan. We took a plane here, it was really packed with people, but the flight only took about half an hour. Most of that was spent on the ground at either end of the flight. Of course I have been skiing a couple of times, but I never really learned how to do it the right way. In fact the last time I went it was me and three of my college buddies. We were doing a lot more drinking and girl chasing than skiing to be honest.

We have a really nice hotel room and we are going to do a lot of relaxing. The skiing is not that big of a part of it. We got a great bargain on this hotel and resort and that is why we really came up here. After a couple of days we are going to start doing the real tourist things. We have been deciding which places we want to visit, there are vast numbers of places where you can go and a lot of thing that you can do. Of course Jane is interested in Japanese cooking and wants to get the real authentic thing, which is going to be a lot different than what you get in a restaurant that caters to Americans.

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