Taking Control of a Corporate Negotiation Meeting in an Innovative Way

Most limos have bar areas with glasses and ice to serve drinks. Though I imagine that a lot of limo rides involve serving alcohol, not all of them do. I developed a new beverage. It is my own brand of flavored iced teas. I used one of the bigger party buses to show up for a corporate presentation to a beverage company. I wanted to control the meeting instead of it controlling me. I have been in corporate meetings before. You go into their meeting rooms, and they call all the shots. They want everything on their side when it comes to negotiations.

Instead, I showed up inside a big party bus with a professional driver. The driver was instructed to take a planned route around Toronto. My plan was to touch on the big public draw areas while talking about my iced tea flavors and having them sample them. I needed to make this a tactically controlled meeting that was in my favor. Those who were attending the meeting were told to meet me in the bus. There is always at least one attendee who is fashionably late. They do it as a control thing. Usually the person who the meeting is about must wait for them to show up. It shows who the boss is. Instead, the latecomers walked into the bus with me already in progress letting other attendees sample my teas along with some snacks I brought.

The flat screen TV in the bus let me be able to do my audio-visual presentation once we got on the road. The sound system captivated them. No tinny sounding speakers or goofy projection units shining on a whiteboard. The party bus was my domain, and I was in control of the meeting. Well, I just want you to know that I walked away with a huge licensing contract to sell my beverages instead of having to sell all my rights to the company. This is a new reason to rent party buses that probably no one ever even thought of before this. If you are doing something innovative, then do everything along with it in an innovative way.

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