Spending Time Together As a Family

Years seem to have a habit of just flying away without even realizing it. One day my kids are in diapers, and the next day they are wanting to wear makeup or play football. When I realized that it had been three years since we took a family holiday, I decided to do something about it. Life does get busy, but our family is definitely worth the time and effort to make it slow down a bit, if even just for a week or so. When I found the Greenstone Lodge, I was really excited to see that it was definitely in our price range.

We have been to New Zealand before, but it was just to attend a family wedding. We were only there for two days, and we always said we wanted to go back. That is why I started looking at New Zealand first, and I am glad because I found the perfect house for us. We have always been an active family, even if our activities are usually done individually instead of together as a family. I knew that for the nine days we would be staying in New Zealand, we would have a lot of fun doing all sorts of adventurous things together.

I also liked that we would be able to just have some laid back time too. During the day, it would be fun to go play golf or enjoy some whitewater rafting, or even go hiking on a gorgeous trail, but the evenings could be spent in front of the huge fireplace. So many things could be done, because there is a lot of things to do at the house too. It just meant a time of family togetherness for us, and I will not let several years go by before we do something like that again. It is going to be an annual tradition in our family from now on.

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