Sights to See in Austria and Skiing the Alps

Europe Population Map Countries - Europe mapsAustria is a beautiful little European country, covered largely by the beautiful mountainous terrain of the Alps, which its beautiful peaks and white snow-laden slopes, prime for skiing, and the bright blue sky overhead. The country’s high slopes make it an ideal destination for avid skiers to take their vacations in. There are also several cities and towns in Austria that have long histories, with wealths of cultural significance to be found therein. Vienna is the largest center of population in the country, being both its largest city, and also, its capital city. It has many sights to see for the curious tourist; there are many historical sights, museums, and many more things to see. The city has ancient origins, being populated before Roman occupation two millennia ago. Since then, it has been a center of musical, political, and cultural significance; many famous composers have been born in Vienna. Salzberg is another city worth a visit if sight seeing in cities and towns is one of your interests. Austria also offers vast opportunities for skiing, and it is host to some of the finest and most challenging ski slopes in the Alps, and Europe in general. Although, due to Austria’s mostly mountainous terrain, travel can be a bit more challenging than in other countries. Several areas of the country are quite remote to travel to. None the less, there is much beauty to gaze out over on the high Alpine slopes in Austria. There is also a lot of adrenaline to be had as well, on the slopes. St. Anton and Lech are two popular destinations for skiers in Austria; the former is more suited for people who have at least a decent amount of experience on the slopes. Newcomers to skiing can easily find skiing instructions in the country if they are needed.

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