Renting a Vacation Home for Our Family

My husband and I wanted to take our kids somewhere really nice for a family holiday. We did not want to do anything splashy like a famous amusement park, because we wanted to spend quality time with one another. While we did want some activities to do together, the main point was finding a gorgeous place to stay where we could bond together even more. We finally decided on Queensland, so I started looking at different Queenstown rental homes. We had contemplated whether staying in a hotel would be better, but we knew that the six of us staying in one hotel room for over a week would drive us all bonkers.

While we did want to bond together as a family, we also wanted a good amount of space so we did not feel like we were suffocating either. That meant that our daughter wanted her own room apart from her three brothers, and I can definitely understand that. It helps that her triplet brothers wanted to stay in the same room anyway, so we looked for a three bedroom house that has at least two bathrooms. If you have ever lived with four kids for even a day, then you know how important it is to have more than one bathroom.

I found a great home that is just a few minutes outside of Queenstown, which meant that we would have the best of both worlds. We would have the privacy that we wanted even when outside the home, but we would be close enough to enjoy some of the cultural things that the town has to offer. This rental home also has a lot of modern conveniences, which was lovely to see. I booked it for our holiday as soon as I saw it, and it truly was the perfect house for us. We are planning on making this a regular event now!

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