Keeping the Wedding Under Budget

We have just gotten started working on the plans for the wedding, but it is already looking as though the budget is going right out of the window. Jean and her Mom seem to have decided that money is not an object. I looked over to see what they were doing and they were at the web page of a Platinum Party Bus here in Toronto. There was a big banner saying visite our party buses and I asked them what they needed a party bus for. They told me that people would need to get from the church to the venue where they wanted to hold the wedding reception. Of course this did not make any sense, since you can use the wedding venue for both of these things. That would save a good bit of money too and obviously it would mean that people would only need to go to one place.

After I pointed this out they said that we needed to make sure that people who left the reception were not drunk. I had an answer for this, but they did not like it. I responded that there was no reason to serve alcohol there. Mr. Barnes and I had already thought this out. Really you do not want people to show up just because you have an open bar. I have seen lots and lots of people show up to wedding receptions for no other purpose than to get drunk. It just does not make any sense to pay for that when you can have so many bad outcomes. Of course some of the people involve want to limit the cost of this. So we are looking for ways to cut down on the guest list. That is the best way to control the costs involved in the wedding.

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