It’s Time to Get Away

I can not remember a winter when we had more snow than we do right now. I know that it is winter in New England and we can all expect a lot of different types of weather but I am so tired of living here. The people that live here are all going on vacations and I think that is something that I need to do. The cheap spain holidays that I am finding online are actually a lot cheaper than if I were to go to the other side of the United States, say to California. I want to be able to take my husband but he said that he did not want to go so I am going all by myself. I would love to travel by myself, even since Spain is such a great place to go and I do know enough Spanish to get me to go there and get by.

My daughter, who is thirteen years old, told me that she wanted to go with me and I thought that was really sweet but the week that was a good deal was during a week that she had during the school year. I thought that I might be able to go and get a good deal in the summer but that is when everyone decides to go away and I did not think that was going to be such an easy thing to do. My friends told me that they wanted to be able to go and I told them that they would be able to go if they could come up with airfare and the cost of the trip because I think that some of them wanted me to invite them as if I was going to be paying for them and that was not going to happen.

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