Getting to Hike for My Holiday

I wanted to do something different for my holiday last year. It was the first year where I was completely on my own after my divorce, and I was just ready to enjoy doing the things that I like rather than what my ex liked. I looked at some exciting holidays online, and it was the hiking holidays in Spain that sparked my interest the most. It was the farthest thing from a casino holiday, and I knew that I would thrive out in the fresh air for the good part of each day while I would be there.

The part that really excited me the most about this holday were the actual hikes. They take up a good chunk of each day, and I just really wanted to soak up that kind of experience. When my ex and I would go on a holiday together, it was to some casino where I would sit and watch him lose money for the most part. Getting to do this was a very freeing experience for me since I had never done anything like this before. The first time, I knew that I was going to take the moderate hiking holiday even though I had years of experience of hiking.

I just did not feel comfortable since I had not been out on a trail in many years, and I knew that I had to get used to it again. I had looked at pictures of the more intense hiking, and while it did look great, it also looked like something I would need to work my way up to. I can happily say I have done that as I have been to two of these hiking holidays now. I normally only take one holiday a year, but I just felt giving myself an extra treat at the end of last year. This upcoming year, I am tackling the more serious trails!

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