Finding Stimulating Business Practices to Encourage Focus

If you’re thinking about checking out the Queenstown accommodations and holiday houses – do it! Do it right now! Stop reading this, click that link and get yourself over to New Zealand as soon as you can. You deserve it – you’ve been working so hard, haven’t you? I understand completely. Every year I go through the same motions in work and just when I think I am about to chew my boss out in front of the entire office and make some grand exit because I cannot take another quarterly advisement report, my holiday hours roll around and I find myself in Queenstown instead.

Yeah, it might be time that I find myself a new job. Maybe we all should! Yet, I think we are beginning to realize that this is the way of the world. This is the corporate infrastructure at its finest and this is the beast that we have all worked together to create. It’s not wholly oppressive as we like to think it is (even if it is in many ways) but the inherent problem of working in environments like this is that people simply did not evolve to do so. A corporate environment is not stimulating.

If only our companies would do more to stimulate us. It’s necessary for us! We need to be able to have stimulation of some kind to keep us focused – ‘work’ itself is not enough. The constant processing of data is not enough. Social stimulation is a must have. Physical stimulation is a must have. Combine these things! Whatever method or model they choose in order to stimulate us would be far better than none at all. I worked in a place once that required us to get up every 2 hours and do some Yoga stretches as an entire group; it worked, too, as I always worked harder afterwards.

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