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I Wanted Something Nice for My Daughter and Her Husband-to-be

When my youngest daughter came home and nonchalantly told me that she and her boyfriend were planning on running off to elope, I wanted no part of that. Sure, it’s her choice to do what she wants to do, but she had dreamed of a decent wedding. I knew eloping was her boyfriend’s idea since he didn’t make much money. I told her to leave the plans to me. I quickly started the wedding plans, and then I called the people over at to get a limo to take the two of them in style to their own wedding and to the reception afterward. I breathed a sigh of relief when they both agreed to my plans.

I am a seamstress, and I would have loved to have created my daughter’s own wedding dress. But because they were in such a hurry to get married, there was simply no time for me to make something myself. Continue reading

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Awesome Time at Concert with Party Bus

Over the weekend, my friends and I went to a concert in Toronto that we had been anticipating for quite some time. We knew it would be an awesome experience, because it was a band we had wanted to see for quite some time, and to make it even sweeter, the band headlining for them was also awesome. But the trip was made infinitely betetter by the decision to rent a party bus in Toronto, which was a good idea even though I must admit I was a bit skeptical about it at first. Continue reading

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Keeping the Wedding Under Budget

We have just gotten started working on the plans for the wedding, but it is already looking as though the budget is going right out of the window. Jean and her Mom seem to have decided that money is not an object. I looked over to see what they were doing and they were at the web page of a Platinum Party Bus here in Toronto. There was a big banner saying visite our party buses and I asked them what they needed a party bus for. They told me that people would need to get from the church to the venue where they wanted to hold the wedding reception. Of course this did not make any sense, since you can use the wedding venue for both of these things. That would save a good bit of money too and obviously it would mean that people would only need to go to one place.

After I pointed this out they said that we needed to make sure that people who left the reception were not drunk. I had an answer for this, but they did not like it. Continue reading

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Taking Control of a Corporate Negotiation Meeting in an Innovative Way

Most limos have bar areas with glasses and ice to serve drinks. Though I imagine that a lot of limo rides involve serving alcohol, not all of them do. I developed a new beverage. It is my own brand of flavored iced teas. I used one of the bigger party buses to show up for a corporate presentation to a beverage company. I wanted to control the meeting instead of it controlling me. I have been in corporate meetings before. You go into their meeting rooms, and they call all the shots. They want everything on their side when it comes to negotiations.

Instead, I showed up inside a big party bus with a professional driver. The driver was instructed to take a planned route around Toronto. My plan was to touch on the big public draw areas while talking about my iced tea flavors and having them sample them. I needed to make this a tactically controlled meeting that was in my favor. Those who were attending the meeting were told to meet me in the bus. There is always at least one attendee who is fashionably late. They do it as a control thing. Usually the person who the meeting is about must wait for them to show up. Continue reading

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