Awesome Time at Concert with Party Bus

Over the weekend, my friends and I went to a concert in Toronto that we had been anticipating for quite some time. We knew it would be an awesome experience, because it was a band we had wanted to see for quite some time, and to make it even sweeter, the band headlining for them was also awesome. But the trip was made infinitely betetter by the decision to rent a party bus in Toronto, which was a good idea even though I must admit I was a bit skeptical about it at first. But my other friends won me over and we all contributed equally to renting it, and it was one of the better decisuions that I have made recently.

It made the whole thing a lot less of a hassle, becuase we did not have to worry about transportation, and it also meant that all of us could drink before and during the concert, and even on the way back home, without having to worry about being able to drive. That was probably the best part of it, because the concert was definitely a lot more enjoyable due to the fact that we were all able to drink. I have had to forego drinking at a concert before, because I was the designated driver that would have to bring everyone back home after the concert was over, and let me tell you, it is kind of a bummer when you aren’t drinking and all of your friends are.

Of course, I have had it the other way around as well, but it is more ideal to not have to worry about such things in the first place. So I think that the next time I am going to a concert with a large group of friends, I would liketo rent a party bus again.

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