Are You Better off Now?

My dad would always ask me if I was better off after I had learned a lesson. If I made a mistake while I was growing up, my dad would always sit me down and instead of yelling at me like my friend’s parents, he would ask me what lesson I learned and he would also have me reflect on what I did that was wrong. I knew that the travel acoustic guitars that I sold that were his were going to be an issue since I had to use the money to pay a bill. My dad was really upset that I stole something that was his and sold them to pay a bill, he said that he would have paid me the money in a loan and that I would not have to sell anything to get money. I had to go back and pay the money for the items that I sold and then I had to take them back home.

To say that my dad had a lesson waiting for me at home was not even close to what happened. My dad knew that I would punish myself more than he would ever be able to. I was a teenager and while I said that I did not care what he thought of me, that was nothing but further from the truth. I always made sure that I would be able to live up to my dad’s expectations of me but that was never good enough, anything that I did was never good enough. I think that it’s funny in retrospect because I am definitely the best out of the three kids that grew up in one house. I am heads and tales above the other two but I still can’t say that I am my dad’s favorite.

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