A Fun Family Affair in France

Upon arriving in France for a vacation with my family, the first thing they wanted to do was visit Disneyland in Paris. We had already gone to Disneyland and Disneyworld multiple times back in America, but they just had to see what the French version looked like. We still had our bags from the plane and had to make a stop our hotel to check in, get our keys, and drop off our bags. I booked a ride on taxibooker.net to take us to the hotel and then straight to Disneyland from there.

Checking into the hotel only took a few minutes. Waiting for the elevator to come back down so we could get to our rooms took longer than we expected. There were 24 floors in the hotel, and both elevators were filled with people who made a stop at every floor. When we arrived at the elevator to get on, we saw how packed they were and couldn’t find a way to squeeze in with the other people. We could have taken the stairs, but it would have taken forever to walk up more than 20 floors and we would have been out of breath by the time we reached our rooms.

Once we were finally able to get on the elevator, we went to our rooms and dropped our bags off. Then we went back down and went back to the car and rode to Disneyland. The elevator trip back down wasn’t so bad, and traffic wasn’t too bad, so our trip to Disneyland didn’t take long. Even though there were many similarities to the American version, Disneyland in Paris had its own unique charms that made it enjoyable. The little kids loves riding on the rides and seeing the people in Disney character costumes walking around.

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