A Birthday Celebration in St Barts

I had never been to St Barts before. My wife and I have traveled all around the world, and even went to other places in the Caribbean, but never to St Barts. A friend suggested I add that stop to our travel itinerary because he claimed it is the best place in the entire region. I wasn’t sure about that claim, seeing as how I’ve seen amazing wonders on other islands, but I trust him and decided to look into going there. Fortunately, I have a good excuse seeing as how my fortieth birthday is coming up.

When my wife and I travel, we only stay in the best places. We try and avoid hotels and resorts at all costs due to a variety of factors. Resorts tend to be too touristy and they are usually jammed with tourists. Why are you taking a trip to some exotic locale and then spending all your time jammed into a small room while being surrounded by the same people you can meet back home. I’ve got nothing against tourists, but we just like to have a more intimate experience in the places we visit. And don’t even get me started on hotels.

I found a site online that caters to the luxury traveler by providing numerous homes in which one can stay while on vacation. Too, they also provide an actual person who is there to cater to your every whim. If you suddenly need something, these people will make sure you get it and get it in a timely manner. Now that’s what I call service. We’re planning on staying for few weeks and can’t wait to move around the island and really soak in the people and various sites. I am positive my fortieth birthday will be the most memorable one yet.

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