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A Better Place to Stay

Earlier in the year, I was planning on taking a trip to New Zealand, and was looking at different hotel rates. My friend was wondering why I was looking for hotels when I could stay in a holiday house for much less per day. I had no idea what a holiday house was, and asked my friend about it. She told me all about the houses, and told me to go to queenstownholidayhouse.com for a good deal. I asked my friend how she knew so much about these houses, and she told me that she used to stay in them all the time when she would travel a lot.

I looked at the website my friend told me about, and they did have a good deal on the holiday house she was describing. The price per day for the house was much better than the hotel prices that I was wasting my time comparing. I had always looked for hotels when I traveled, but there may have been chances for me to get a holiday house in the past. Continue reading

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The Importance of Marketing for Your Business

Personal trainer Catania - Catania - Salute - Bellezza - FitnessDo you have a boot camp or are you interested in starting one sometime soon? If so, you know that one of the challenges of owning this type of business is figuring out how to use boot camp marketing to your advantage. With so much information out there, it can be difficult to find advice that will truly benefit you and help your business to become a success.

If you want to do well, it is important that you find tips and tricks that get right to the heart of the matter rather than being padded with fluff. One site I found does just that; it allows people who are knowledgeable in the fitness world to post their real-life experiences with marketing. As a result, the site is filled with useful advice on ways to build your client list and improve your marketing prowess. Because blog posts come from many different individuals, the information presented is more comprehensive than if just one or two people were contributing to the site. The result is a resource that is truly valuable.

One post that I really enjoyed reading dealt with customer satisfaction. A startling statistic that the author pointed out was that the vast majority of customers that are unhappy will just abandon the business, rather than take the time to try and work through the issues with customer support. Since everyone is going to have a problem sooner or later, it is crucial that businesses address the situation in the right way. An unhappy customer can quickly become satisfied again if they feel that their needs were adequately met and that the business truly cares about them and wants them to return. Also, remember that what these customers say about you to their friends and family is a form of marketing as well, so you want them to report positive things.

Marketing doesn’t have to be just another frustrating part of life that you deal with and move on from. It can turn out to be something that you truly enjoy doing, and it can help you earn a lot more money while you are at it. Don’t underestimate how powerful it can be!

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A Fun Family Affair in France

Upon arriving in France for a vacation with my family, the first thing they wanted to do was visit Disneyland in Paris. We had already gone to Disneyland and Disneyworld multiple times back in America, but they just had to see what the French version looked like. We still had our bags from the plane and had to make a stop our hotel to check in, get our keys, and drop off our bags. I booked a ride on taxibooker.net to take us to the hotel and then straight to Disneyland from there.

Checking into the hotel only took a few minutes. Waiting for the elevator to come back down so we could get to our rooms took longer than we expected. There were 24 floors in the hotel, and both elevators were filled with people who made a stop at every floor. When we arrived at the elevator to get on, we saw how packed they were and couldn’t find a way to squeeze in with the other people. Continue reading

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Weather is Pretty Nice for Canada

I am pretty surprised at how nice it has been here. I had a big heavy coat on when I got to the Toronto airport car rental and I had to take it off while I was out there. It was not exactly Summer time heat, but it was like a Spring morning up here. Of course that did not last. Once it got dark last night the temperature dropped quite rapidly, especially when I was down by the shore of Lake Ontario. There was a real stiff wind blowing in off the lake and I think I saw a couple of flakes of snow. Of course this is North of Buffalo and they had about six feet of snow in Western New York not that long ago. It snowed up here too apparently and then they had flooding in parts of the area after it warmed up a bit later. Six feet of snow starts melting and it can make a mess obviously.

At any rate the business meetings have gone okay so far. Continue reading

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My Brother Just Got Back from Africa

Of course he was pretty excited, the guy is about the luckiest son of a gun in the world I think. He always has been for some reason. He and his girlfriend spent all day showing us the pictures and movies they took in South Africe. They stayed an this Kruger Park lodge accommodation called kwambili safari lodge. I probably spelled that wrong. They took a picture of the sign though and I think that was what it said. Ian has barely got a job though, he works for this girl’s father and his job seems to be to help her blow this guy’s money. It’s tough work obviously. They are already talking about where they are going to go next. They seem to think it has to be some place in the Far East. They were talking about Australia or China.

In truth her Dad is not going to run out of money any time soon. Continue reading

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Renting a Vacation Home for Our Family

My husband and I wanted to take our kids somewhere really nice for a family holiday. We did not want to do anything splashy like a famous amusement park, because we wanted to spend quality time with one another. While we did want some activities to do together, the main point was finding a gorgeous place to stay where we could bond together even more. We finally decided on Queensland, so I started looking at different Queenstown rental homes. We had contemplated whether staying in a hotel would be better, but we knew that the six of us staying in one hotel room for over a week would drive us all bonkers.

While we did want to bond together as a family, we also wanted a good amount of space so we did not feel like we were suffocating either. That meant that our daughter wanted her own room apart from her three brothers, and I can definitely understand that. Continue reading

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Finding Stimulating Business Practices to Encourage Focus

If you’re thinking about checking out the Queenstown accommodations and holiday houses – do it! Do it right now! Stop reading this, click that link and get yourself over to New Zealand as soon as you can. You deserve it – you’ve been working so hard, haven’t you? I understand completely. Every year I go through the same motions in work and just when I think I am about to chew my boss out in front of the entire office and make some grand exit because I cannot take another quarterly advisement report, my holiday hours roll around and I find myself in Queenstown instead.

Yeah, it might be time that I find myself a new job. Maybe we all should! Yet, I think we are beginning to realize that this is the way of the world. This is the corporate infrastructure at its finest and this is the beast that we have all worked together to create. It’s not wholly oppressive as we like to think it is (even if it is in many ways) but the inherent problem of working in environments like this is that people simply did not evolve to do so. Continue reading

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Protecting Our Identity from the World

I am an individual who very much enjoys his privacy. I take precautionary steps in order to avoid having that privacy violated – whether by agencies unknown, advertisers, spammers or marketing companies, I would very much prefer to have my personal information and my identity remain unknown as much as humanly possible. That’s why I take advantage of various mail forwarding service to help keep my address a secret as well as cut down on the spam mail which is just as prevalent in the physical mail box as it is in a e-mail address which had been the original reason as to why I chose it. Continue reading

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We Used the Bus to Visit Each Other

When my boyfriend moved 200 miles away, I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to survive a long distance relationship. We decided to just end things, but we both realized that we missed each other too much. Neither of us has a dependable enough car to travel back and forth, but that did not keep us from visiting one another as often as possible. We looked at all of our options, and it was easy enough to figure out that taking a bus to visit was the best way, especially since we found Greyhound promo codes that made the trip even cheaper for us. Continue reading

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It’s Time to Get Away

I can not remember a winter when we had more snow than we do right now. I know that it is winter in New England and we can all expect a lot of different types of weather but I am so tired of living here. The people that live here are all going on vacations and I think that is something that I need to do. The cheap spain holidays that I am finding online are actually a lot cheaper than if I were to go to the other side of the United States, say to California. I want to be able to take my husband but he said that he did not want to go so I am going all by myself. Continue reading

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Spending Time Together As a Family

Years seem to have a habit of just flying away without even realizing it. One day my kids are in diapers, and the next day they are wanting to wear makeup or play football. When I realized that it had been three years since we took a family holiday, I decided to do something about it. Life does get busy, but our family is definitely worth the time and effort to make it slow down a bit, if even just for a week or so. When I found the Greenstone Lodge, I was really excited to see that it was definitely in our price range.

We have been to New Zealand before, but it was just to attend a family wedding. We were only there for two days, and we always said we wanted to go back. That is why I started looking at New Zealand first, and I am glad because I found the perfect house for us. We have always been an active family, even if our activities are usually done individually instead of together as a family. Continue reading

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Best Locations in Greece for Learning Yoga

I am going to be in Greece for the next year, as part of an extended study abroad program, and one thing that I would like to do while I am here, is to learn yoga. I have done a little bit of yoga before in the past, but I have never really done it enough to see any results form it. I think that it could really help to improve my life, so I am going to start looking for the best yoga in greece locations; in particular, I want to find a great place to learn as a person who is a beginner in Yoga.

I hope to learn a lot of positions and poses for yoga, but I imagine that a lot of them take many years of practice before you have the core strength and body control in order to pull them off. I am not sure if that will be the case, but I feel reasonably assured that it is. Anyway, for now, I am mostly just concerned with beginner’s yoga. I want to find a class that will be right for someone who has almost no previous exposure to yoga.

I plan on keeping up the habit of doing yoga for many years to come, because I think it could really help to improve my body for the best. I guess that I will try to look for locations close to where I am staying in Greece. I am also concerned with the price and I really hope to find some place that is not that expensive. I do not have a lot of money right now, as I am college student, and I do not have a job. As such, I will need to find a place that will work out with my finances.

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Sights to See in Austria and Skiing the Alps

Europe Population Map Countries - Europe mapsAustria is a beautiful little European country, covered largely by the beautiful mountainous terrain of the Alps, which its beautiful peaks and white snow-laden slopes, prime for skiing, and the bright blue sky overhead. The country’s high slopes make it an ideal destination for avid skiers to take their vacations in. There are also several cities and towns in Austria that have long histories, with wealths of cultural significance to be found therein. Vienna is the largest center of population in the country, being both its largest city, and also, its capital city. It has many sights to see for the curious tourist; there are many historical sights, museums, and many more things to see. The city has ancient origins, being populated before Roman occupation two millennia ago. Since then, it has been a center of musical, political, and cultural significance; many famous composers have been born in Vienna. Salzberg is another city worth a visit if sight seeing in cities and towns is one of your interests. Continue reading

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Most Important Places to Visit While I Am in Eastern Europe?

Czestochowa, Poland - August 11, 2011 - Pilgrims from Cracow arrive to ...I am really blessed that I have been able to receive a grant to continue my art history studies in Cracow, Poland. It is sort of a convoluted story, but some time ago I met an extremely nice widow from Poland. She shared my interest in Art history and I did some work around her estate outside of New Haven, Connecticut. It never crossed my mind that she would keep track of my studies or have any interest in where I studied. However she provided me with this grant when I graduated and sent me a nice note too. She is not in the country now and I am going to leave for Europe before she returns. Now I am thinking about how I can take the best advantage of the opportunity.

Cracow is one of best places in Europe for a person with my interests, but it shall not be too terribly long before I want to go further afield. Continue reading

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